Sunday, 17 December 2017

Raging Heroes - New Releases

Another Raging Heroes release in sci-fi and fantasy versions...


Demon Steed Rider

The world is full of creatures
that are just waiting to come into the light... 

Here's another insane piece from the Lust Elves! Available in both Sci-fi and Fantasyversions, Xehzirhya is now available in our webshop! More releases coming up!
FYI: Shipping is FREE for orders over 60€ (about US$70 or 54£), and
you will get a FREE exclusive model for orders over 99€
Otherwise, shipping is 6.90€, or 11.90€ with tracking.

Give us a preview! Please don't hesitate to share your photos of your painted minis and how you are planning to use them on the gaming table. The battle has begun:
Ride with Xehzirhya now!
Copyright © 2017 MFBG Productions SARL, All rights reserved.

Warhammer Digital - Newsletter

The latest Games Workshop releases in digital form...
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Codex: Dark Angels
Hunt the Fallen with your brand new codex. Get the datasheets for the entire Dark Angels miniatures range, alongside exclusive Stratagems, Warlord Traits, Tactical Objectives and more – including an in-depth look at the secrets of the Dark Angels Chapter.

Available in two digital editions: get the eBook edition for the entire contents of the physical book in your pocket, or the iBooks-exclusive Enhanced Edition to browse the details more easily with a host of additional features.
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Chapter Approved
Warhammer 40,000
Chapter Approved - 2017 edition
Change the way you play Warhammer 40,000 with fully detailed Planetstrike and Stronghold Assault expansions, a complete Apocalypse expansion, new missions, new army abilities and updated points values. It's your indispensible guide to gaming in the Dark Imperium.

Available in ePub and Enhanced iBooks editions
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Blood Angels
Codex: Blood Angels
The sons of Sanguinius swoop into action with 77 datasheets – including the full range of Primaris Space Marines – plus Stratagems, Relics and much more.

Available in ePub and Enhanced iBooks editions
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Black Library - Newsletter

Some new releases from the Black Library...
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New Titles
The Story so Far
The Horus Heresy: The Story So Far
(December 2017 edition)
Catch up with the whole of the Heresy with this amazing collection of eBooks covering books 1-46 of the bestselling series, plus novellas, Quick Reads and even a digital graphic novel! It's perfect for completists and an amazingly generous gift.
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Gaunt's Ghosts
Gaunt's Ghosts: The Complete Collection
With 'The Warmaster' finally here, you can dive into the entire Gaunt's Ghosts series and thrill to the adventures of the Tanith First, from the fall of their world to their latest battles, in one great value collection.
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Audiobook Collections
The Horus Heresy
Unabridged Audiobook Collections
Want to listen to complete Horus Heresy novels and anthologies? Check out the range of Unabridged Audiobook Collections. We've just added six new ones, taking them all the way up to 'Ruinstorm'. Each one contains three complete audiobooks at a fantastic price – they're the best way to catch up on the series in audio.
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Black Library Advent Calendar 2017
The Last Few Days
Get every story so far – and the eight still to come – with the Advent Calendar Subscription. A new story will be added to your account every day until Christmas, giving you a daily dose of adrenaline-fuelled fiction!
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