Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Loka Has Landed - Part 2 - The Pieces

The game itself comes with four lots of chess style pieces equivalent to a King, Queen, Bishop, Knight and Castle and four Pawns. Should you wish to use them as a traditional chess set you'll have to buy another set to give you the required amount of pieces though the actual game uses a points system to 'buy' your pieces so is actually fine to play straight out of the box...think chess as if designed as a miniature war-game and you'll get the general idea.

When last you saw them they looked like this...

Unpacked they look a lot more like chess pieces...I've only shown one of the pawns as they're all identical.

My better half has decided that she's painting these...I'm not going to argue, lol.

Not as part of the boxed game but acquired during the Kickstarter process were a number of exclusive miniatures that I show you here purely for the purposes of making you all jealous and stuff...they're not yet assembled due to certain unforeseen time constraints but hopefully I'll get them put together tomorrow...In a game of four elements one of these is a fifth element...it doesn't take much working out which one...

I'm especially looking forward to putting together that dragon and then I'll have a few games and let you know how it plays...maybe that would be a good start for a series of introduction articles?

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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