Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Unboxing Malifaux - December Acolytes

Apparently Rasputina has been on a recruiting drive...

'Small Box' Cover.

The December Acolytes box contains enough parts for three miniatures...namely the December Acolytes. It also contains stat cards for them though there are no upgrade cards.

December Acolytes - Sprue

December Acolytes - Stat Cards (M2E)

Here are the official assembly instructions should you have trouble locating them.

December Acolyte 1 - Assembled
The tiny forearm mounted crossbow is...well...tiny...but not difficult to attach. Everything else went together fine and everything that was meant to align with another piece (such as the hand drawing an arrow from the quiver) does so excellently.

December Acolyte 2 - Assembled
This model also went together fairly simply and even the areas with small contact points (such as the arm) were easy to align. The only slight confusion I had came about with the ribbon piece which on the assembly instructions appears to attach to the belt (it isn't particularly clear) but on the box cover is clearly emerging from under one arm. I went with the 'under-arm' option as this seemed to be where the part fit best and there was no obvious attachment area at the waist. When it comes down to it...it's a bit of ribbon so I doubt it matters much, lol.

The model is actually meant to be standing on one foot but I chose to base it as if it was walking up the rocks.

December Acolyte 3 - Assembled
Another simple assembly job. The one arm is holding the shaft of one of the 'harpoons' and I'd suggest aligning this 'dry' first as it's possible to attach the arm without the shaft lining up with the quiver if you're careless.

Here's a group picture.

Here's a comparison picture including the original metal December Acolyte that was beautifully painted by my better half. The style is close enough so you could field an old and new one in the same crew without either looking out of place.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.


  1. Hello, I have been looking at your unboxing posts for Malifaux and I have to stay this has been very helpful. I have a question for you: is this already released or is it still lurking around as a future release? I have never seen this in my local game store yet.

    1. These have been out for quite a while. If your local shop doesn't have them then I'm sure they can order them in for you or you can get them direct from Wyrd...


  2. Thanks for getting back to me. I will see if I can order it through my local store before going directly to wryd. :)


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