Monday, 12 January 2015

Unboxing Malifaux - Zoraida's 'The Swamp Hag' Starter Box

It wouldn't be my first choice of a place to live...or visit for that matter...

The 'The Swamp Hag' box contains enough parts for six miniatures...namely Zoraida, her Voodoo Doll Totem (3SS), Bad Juju (8SS) and three Silurid (7SS each). It also contains stat cards for each one and six upgrade cards four of which are for Zoraida (two of which are 'limited' so you have to pick one or the other), one for Bad Juju and one that's for any model with the 'Swampfiend' type.

This makes the Soulsstone value of the box...

Zoraida (0), Voodoo Doll (3), Bad Juju (8), Silurid (7, 7, 7) Total (32) or (35) with a maximum Soulstone cache and (42) with maximum 'out of the box' upgrades.

The box has two sprues in it as well as the aforementioned cards...

Front and Back...

Stat Cards
Just the fronts I'm afraid...or I get into trouble, lol.

Lets have a look at each of these in turn...should there be any assembly issues with any of the models then they will be listed in the appropriate section and you can view larger versions of the smaller pictures by clicking on them. Here's the instructions as well...just in case...

The Sprue

There's a gap at the rear of the model when assembled that may require some filling and the arms, needle and 'staff' are quite thin. The other main issue is the 'dolls' that are all over her outfit as they don't have any location points on the model so in theory could be put anywhere....though on the bright side that does mean you can leave some off the model without leaving noticeable holes or gaps. Mine are placed in the general area indicated by the instructions though I'd most likely leave some of them off should I ever assemble this model again.

A comparison picture between the new plastic and original metal versions.

Voodoo Doll
The Sprue

It's two parts and the meeting point is obvious...

Bad Juju
The Sprue

The main body consists of large easy to assemble parts...right up until you have to add the tiny little twigs...and the bit's of vine...and the tinier twigs that attach to the aforementioned tiny twigs. Just follow the instructions or the below pictures and you should be fine...

A comparison picture between the new plastic and original metal version.


The Sprues

Each of the Silurids are generally of sturdy construction with decent sized parts though the ones with separate tongues need to have care taken with those particular parts. Due to the poses on the models they were a bit awkward to take pictures of that kept everything in focus so I've taken a few extra ones to capture all the detail.

Silurid 1
Be careful when handling the head as those mouth tendrils are somewhat delicate...

 Silurid 2
The model comes complete with a rock though it's not actually a integral part of it so you can put it on something else if you also has tiny mouth tendrils so be careful...

Silurid 3
Again with the tiny mouth tendrils...the rest of the model is fairly straightforward though and at least the tendrils aren't separate, lol.

A comparison picture between the new plastic and original metal version.

Here's a group picture.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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