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Warlord Games Wednesday round-up...

Summer Sprue Madness!

Come and check in store, cool new sprues have been added plus all your old favorites available today...
Welcome to the Warlord Games Wednesday Newsletter, featuring all this week's hobby activity and latest articles...and a mighty Pre-Order!

In Stores 17th June 2017

With the new plastic Heavy Dragoons thundering across the soil of Belgium (arriving on your gaming tables in time for the 18th of June), Wellington can now unleash the full might of the British Cavalry. Field the 1st & 2nd Heavy Cavalry Division in full alongside a brigade of the fearless Highlanders...

1st & 2nd Heavy Cavalry Divisions Waterloo

Build the complete 1st and 2nd Lifeguards, the Horse guards, the 1st King’s Dragoon Guards, the 1st Royal Regiment of Dragoons, 2nd Regiment of Dragoons (Royal Scots Grey's) & 6th Dragoons (the Inniskillen’s), plus a FREE Royal Horse Artillery 9-pdr!

Highlanders Brigade

The skirl of the bagpipes can be heard across the battlefield as the Highland regiments, in their distinctive plumed bonnets and swinging kilts, march to war fully prepared to beat Napoleons forces back to France.

1st Household Division

Containing 48 cavalrymen of the Horse Guards. Allowing you to represent all four units in the division, the red-jacketed 1st and 2nd Lifeguards, the Horse guards (their blue tunics giving them their nickname, ‘the blues’) and the 1st King’s Dragoon Guards.

2nd Heavy Dragoon Division

Build your Heavy Dragoons of the 1st Royal Regiment of Dragoons, 2nd Regiment of Dragoons (Royal Scots Grey's) & 6th Dragoons (the Inniskillen’s), 36 cavalrymen ready to strike fear in the hearts of the French!
TWG is back with a fantastic & easy way to paint your Denison smocks and get your airborne into action in double time!
The British are leading the attack with the NEW plastic Allied Paratroopers box set!
The conclusion of our story is here...what will happen to our Freeborn heroes?
Explore the stars or expand your Freeborn Vardos, the choice is yours:
An unusual but highly effective allied military force of Beyond the Gates of Antares Isorian, Freeborn and Concord military conducted a hard-hitting strike on the Ghar city of Gharlopolis...
The Chryseis Shard release is getting closer! New specialist units arrive along with the fascinating Nurk 27 figure...
Come on down for a full-on day of Antares on Saturday 1st of July. We have plenty of room - join battles, seminars, displays and more!
A new Antares weekly campaign, by the Primus Shard, is underway at Warlord HQ!
Edward Nelson reports back his findings at HUZZAH 2017 and shows off the stunning Stalingrad board that was featured there!
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